Staying Positive and Productive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

All Americans have been affected by COVID-19. The result of this pandemic has caused our citizens to substantially limit social activity, lose loved ones, and suffer from economic related issues. At the time of this writing, there are approximately 25 million cases and 420,000 deaths in the USA. Though these …

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Why Do So Many Americans Stigmatize OCD?


OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, affects over 2 million American adults.  OCD typically starts around age 7, but can develop during late teenage years or early adulthood.  Did you know that OCD stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain?  With that said, why do so many Americans stigmatize OCD?  …

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US Healthcare System & Drug Rehab Facilities

Us Healthcare Problem

There are thousands of drug rehab facilities across the United States that provide counseling, case management, behavioral therapy and other services to people struggling with addiction.  Though health insurance may assist with covered individuals, I believe there is a lack of protection for addicts.  Things may be improving, but unfortunately, …

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Charter Schools, Private Schools, and Vouchers, oh MY!

School Vouchers

The NJEA and AFT and all their local teachers unions, have a great hate for Private Schools, Charter Schools, and vouchers. First, let me define each category with a brief description.   Private Schools: A school supported by private organization, or private individuals rather than by the government. School supported …

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Gun Control and Safety in 21st Century America

Generally, when we discuss gun ownership today, we are invariably immersed in a battle between left and right, where common sense, tradition, and Constitutional rights arguments are framed and stretched to meet the particular aims of whichever side of the debate one falls.  Yet, the question of a citizen’s right …

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The Patriotic Teacher

I am a conservative teacher, and I go by the name The Patriotic Teacher. I have been in the teaching field for almost 30 years, mostly in urban districts of the New Jersey Public Schools. I have worked as a teacher, coach, advisor, and even an administrator. In addition, yes, …

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Getting Money out of Politics

So I posted this a bunch of times over the past few years but first in 2014. It is not perfect but it will get the money out of politics. It would be fought by all of government, which is why it will work.  I have tweaked af ew things …

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