US Healthcare System & Drug Rehab Facilities

Us Healthcare Problem

There are thousands of drug rehab facilities across the United States that provide counseling, case management, behavioral therapy and other services to people struggling with addiction.  Though health insurance may assist with covered individuals, I believe there is a lack of protection for addicts.  Things may be improving, but unfortunately, …

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Charter Schools, Private Schools, and Vouchers, oh MY!

School Vouchers

The NJEA and AFT and all their local teachers unions, have a great hate for Private Schools, Charter Schools, and vouchers. First, let me define each category with a brief description.   Private Schools: A school supported by private organization, or private individuals rather than by the government. School supported …

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Welcome to The New Way to News!

I started this platform for a very good reason, I wanted to show all sides of issues that are important to our world today.  I will be writing my opinions as well as having a slew of guest writers do the same.  Unlike other platforms, we will try and have …

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