Getting Money out of Politics

So I posted this a bunch of times over the past few years but first in 2014. It is not perfect but it will get the money out of politics. It would be fought by all of government, which is why it will work.  I have tweaked af ew things as well

So I have a way to keep money out of politics, hence making it work for the people. Start with the President, each man who runs for the office gets $10,000,000 from a public fund. If either side spends 1 penny more than the 10 million, that party forfeits the election. If the other side tries to play games and tries to make it look like the opposite side spent more than 10 million, the side that played the games looses the next 2 elections. Same thing for a state or local election, but less than the 10 million per candidate. Nobody can give to any campaigns anymore. NOT ANYONE!. Now if under my proposal, it would be illegal be a lobbyist or do any lobbyist type of jobs. If someone takes the soft special interest money both parties go away for 30 YEARS. I know , I know I am crazy to think it would ever pass, but I have another idea for that in a minute. everyone who goes into office will have an independent audit of all finances for that person, and every year they are in office they get an audit. If at anytime money is found that should not be there, they go away for 30 years and the other parties gets to appoint the replacement. The way it gets passed is one of 2 ways: 1) some congressman or the president needs to have a press conference in prime time that interrupts every channel, and say we need to have this vote in congress. Everyone who does not vote for this will be publicly shamed, and any smart person would soon vote him or her out of office, because obviously they care about their own wallets not the citizens. 2) You need the same kind of moral person as the 1st option, but he would say we need to have a public vote that will not be like most votes and will not include the electoral collage system. 1 person, 1 vote. Both parties should hate this whole idea, but last time I checked it was our country, not theirs. Both Parties are out of control. It would change everything, without changing the constitution.

The Libertarian Gangsta

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