Immunity, Not That One, or That One, Yes, That One.

CongressThere has been a lot of talk these days about getting rid of “qualified Immunity” for the police that protect us.  For those who have been under a rock, it is what protects the police from being sued personally for any actions taken by them while doing their jobs.  I feel there is a much large immunity problem than what we are facing in the streets with the cops.  This is not the immunity I want to talk about. There is also immunity from the virus that everyone wants to get ASAP.  That is not the immunity either.   The immunity that I am talking about is “Congressional Immunity “.

Congressional immunity essentially allows the members of congress to lie to everyone’s faces while conducting Congressional business on the floor of Congress.

I am sure you are saying to yourself, “Wait, what, they can lie? But if I lie to Congress, they can throw me in jail! And they can.  To me this makes zero sense! shouldn’t they be held to a higher standard than the average Joe? Aren’t they making laws that control our way of life?  Well, I’ve got news for you, our esteemed representatives are not held to a higher standard, they are held to almost no standard.  This immunity is granted in the first clause of Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution.  I think it is time to narrow this privilege given to the mostly undeserving members of Congress.

Back a few years ago when Harry Reid was the Senate Majority Leader, and he stood on the floor of Congress and told the American people that Mit Romney has not paid his taxes in something like ten years? From that time forward until the election Mit was trying to convince everyone he was a good man who paid all his taxes.  Zero proof was every given and there was no demand that Harry Reid prove his allegations.  As we all know, Mit Romney lost a heated election that he had a good chance of winning until things like this.  Not to say that this was Mit Romney’s only blunder of that campaign, but this was a pretty heavy blow that was completely made up for political purposes.   When Reid was asked about what he had done, he said something to the effect, “Well, it worked. He did not win, did he?” With that brazen attitude toward your duty as a senator, no wonder politicians are hated so much.

Let’s talk about the past few years that we, as a county, have been going through.  I believe that every single bit of it could have and should have been stopped simply by not being able to lie to American people because you are on the floor of Congress.  Congressman Adan Schiff of California told the American public that he has seen evidence of Russian collusion in plain sight, but never gave any of it to the public.

I looked and could not find a situation where a republican did similar things.  Please let me know if I missed any in recent times. I am sure I have.  I want to make sure we call all of them out.

So, let’s just put some of this into a nice neat bow.  When politicians have absolutely no threat of prosecution for misinforming the public on purpose, we have the county in shambles.    Since the county only listen to only their side and feel the opposite side is always lying, everyone on both sides need to condemn anyone who goes too far and straight up lies.  The information given to us by our leaders might be the most important info we get.  It makes American feel that it is all a game to them political elite.  Throughout history that equation never ends well for the political elite.  I truly believe that nothing will ever change until people wake up and do their own research on what’s really important, and not what the “real housewives” are talking about this week.


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