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Today’s Topic for Discussion

Today's Topic

                                                                Todays’s Topic for Discussion Should President Trump nominate a supreme court justice before the election, and why? Come …

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Charter Schools, Private Schools, and Vouchers, oh MY!

School Vouchers

The NJEA and AFT and all their local teachers unions, have a great hate for Private Schools, Charter Schools, and vouchers. First, let me define each category with a brief description.   Private Schools: A school supported by private organization, or private individuals rather than by the government. School supported …

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Immunity, Not That One, or That One, Yes, That One.


There has been a lot of talk these days about getting rid of “qualified Immunity” for the police that protect us.  For those who have been under a rock, it is what protects the police from being sued personally for any actions taken by them while doing their jobs.  I feel …

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