The Patriotic Teacher

I am a conservative teacher, and I go by the name The Patriotic Teacher. I have been in the teaching field for almost 30 years, mostly in urban districts of the New Jersey Public Schools. I have worked as a teacher, coach, advisor, and even an administrator. In addition, yes, I am scared to use my real name, because if I do I could be disciplined or even get fired for my beliefs. Unfortunately, in 2020 conservative teachers are not protected by the first amendment. No I am not paranoid, or being dramatic, the following are examples of the sad state we are in today:

  1. Varsity baseball coach and social studies teacher Justin Kucera said Walled Lake school district officials hauled him into a closed-door meeting after he indicated his support for President Trump’s speech to reopen schools. He told the Washington Free Beaconthe Walled Lake Western principal and district superintendent gave him an ultimatum: be fired or resign.
  2. Portland Public Schools has fired Cleveland High School football coach Ken Duilio, he says because of his position as a sergeant for the Portland Police Bureau.

Duilio, who took over Cleveland’s football program in 2019, said he was told Monday that his coaching contract would not be renewed.

Asked if the reason for his dismissal had to do with his job with Portland police, Duilio told The Oregonian/OregonLive: “100 percent.”

There are many examples of people in the Education field fired or disciplined for being republican or conservative, included being overlooked for coaching positions, extra curricular activities, and even promotions to administrative positions. These are just a few examples of the danger of being a non-liberal in the field of education where liberals rule!

The majority of educators, administrators, and our unions are liberal and promote Defund the police, BLM, Antifa, and liberal causes. Districts are using BLM in their curriculum, rewriting American history, and attempting to brainwash our youth. Students are being taught lies such as White privilege, systematic racism, all cops are racists, Trump is evil, rioting, and looting is a form of protest, etc. Even Black History month, which is suppose to be a celebration, is used for propaganda to promote BLM Marxists philosophies and anti white racism. And the largest teacher union in the USA (Los Angeles) demands the following to reopen schools:

  1. Wealth Taxes
  2. Charter School Bans
  3. Medicare for All Before

 Other unions throughout demand the following:

  1. Elimination of police in schools
  2. Pushback against school privatization
  3. Threats of “safety strikes”, which are illegal

I see the anger everyday, it scares me, but I do my best to give my students a balanced picture but I am fighting an uphill battle. The educational system is being used to tear up and divide our country from within. Our enemies from the outside cannot defeat our military, but unfortunately, our enemies within are attempting to overthrow our country through taking over our educational system and the media.

My objective with this blog is to expose the truth of the liberalization of the USA educational system. I will cover many subjects and please I want to hear from you too. Please post your stories, questions, ideas, etc…

The Patriotic Teacher

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