Welcome to The New Way to News!

I started this platform for a very good reason, I wanted to show all sides of issues that are important to our world today.  I will be writing my opinions as well as having a slew of guest writers do the same.  Unlike other platforms, we will try and have all sides represented by writers who passionately believe what they believe.

I will break the site into broad topics or subjects.  We will go down many rabbit holes that the main street media won’t in order to cover the real deal of what is going on.  I have no master that I serve, unlike many others.  I am just a patriot who want the best for the country and the all the people who are citizens to this great nation.

As we grow we will be adding new features for example, speaker forums when we can have Q & A with some people in the know.  Group chats so we can all talk amongst ourselves instead of Facebook or Twitter where the overloads of social media can step in and put their thumb on the scale.   We will have a section that anyone can submit a post.

I will have rules to live by here, but it will not be trying to filter or block or censor anyone.  Here are a few of them: (some are suggestions to be a better person)

  1. I will need everyone to be respectful.
  2. If you post a comment please provide facts if you go after a blogger, we want to keep it civil but still spicy.
  3. If you are a subscriber to this blog, we respectfully ask you to donate to a good cause. I would like it to be for either kids, animals, or military, but I am not someone who tell you what to do, so you donate to what is important to you.  Being a good person is very important.
  4. Expand your mind. What I mean by this is that you should listen to other opinions.  Not just act like you are listening but really listen and find a few gems in what you heard, it goes a long way.
  5. Finally, I would love it everyone would do one random act of kindness every day. If you can’t do that, look in the mirror, you are probably a huge problem in your own life.

I hope that everyone enjoys this site and spreads the word.  This is some for the love of this country and no other reason.

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